Shooting Times – Get Steady: Shooting Sticks 101

Our Shooting Sticks were featured in the August 2016 edition of Shooting Times magazine.

“Absolutely the finest sticks available today are made by African Sporting Creations.”
-Joseph von Benedikt



For more information on the sticks featured in this article, please visit our Shooting Sticks page.   Also, now until July 31st, 2016 you can save $30 on our Domestic Wood Sticks OR get FREE Engraving on our Platinum model.

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Great Products ton Enjoy While Relaxing

Serengeti Sundowner Scotch Carrier

In order to make sure your favorite whiskey travels safely, we are pleased to offer a heavy-duty leather spirits carrier from South Africa. The carrier is designed after the ones the British Military were issues 100 years ago and featured extra thick, hand stitched, vegetable tanned leather. Order yours today and enjoy your next Sundowner a bit more with a little piece of the Dark Continent right beside you. Great gift idea!

The “Fat Boy” – Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutters

With 440 stainless and a hardness rating of 57, you’ll never have to worry about your “Fat Boy” getting dull. Plus, it will work on up to a 58 ring gauge (very large) cigar. Personalize your cutter with your company logo or choose from one of our best sellers depicting a head shot of a leopard, elephant, lion or Cape buffalo. [View Designs]

Good hunting,
Jim & Elisabeth
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New Option! Nile Croc on Your Custom Courteneys

Dear Fellow Enthusiast,
We’re pleased to announce a new hide choice for our Custom Courteney’s: Chocolate Brown Nile Croc. So, in addition to the 7 boot styles and 3 soles, there are now 8 hides/colors to choose from. Best of all, when you order your Custom Courteney Boots from our web site you will get them almost twice as fast as those made in the states. Order them today and you will be wearing them 120 days later!

It’s Easy

Simply visit our site and choose your options. Completing this process is fast and easy. If you are new to Courteney, we can even ship you a “trial pair” to verify sizing. See the web site for details.

Good hunting,
Jim & Elisabeth
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Travel in Style

Dear Fellow Enthusiast,
Created for the adventurous traveler, our 3-piece wallet setincludes a passport holder, checkbook holder and business card/front pocket wallet. This matching, hand-sewn set features heavy-duty stitching and supple tanned hides. Each piece is stamped with our logo to avoid any issues with USF&G when returning from abroad. Order one for yourself and the esteemed hunter or huntress on your gift giving list.

Available Exotic Hides
1. Elephant
2. Cape Buffalo (featured right)

Monogram inside cover of passport holder with your initials (up to 3) for only $15 additional.

Good hunting,
Jim & Elisabeth


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Safari Essentials

Dear Fellow Enthusiast,
Whether you are traveling to the Dark Continent or your hunting cabin, you will appreciate the quality, durability and practicality of our line of canvas luggage. Easy to pack and carry, canvas is the ideal solution for travel and is the preferred luggage for smaller aircraft as it allows easier loading into baggage compartments.  Here are a few of Melvill & Moon’s most popular pieces of canvas safari luggage.  [SHOP NOW]

The Rift Valley Day Bag
Unlike many bags that take the airline guideline down to the last millimeter, this bag won’t lead you into an unseemly battle with an overhead bin suddenly too small for the task. That said, it takes a surprisingly large volume of stuff and is basically strong enough to carry bricks.

The Short Safari Duffel

This duffel features a zip down the long side for easy access as well as a waterproof interlining, lined interior, zip pocket for valuables, and is UV protected. A heavy webbing shoulder strap provides comfort when carrying.

The African Ranch Bag

This bag was created at the request of a local cattle rancher. His requirement was for an all purpose day bag with a wide shoulder strap that could comfortably carry the miscellaneous odds and ends that a working cattleman would take on either a fortnightly trip to town or else out on ranchpatrols.
Good hunting,
Jim & Elisabeth
African Sporting Creations
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Belts, Wallets & Boots: The Croc Lifestyle

Dear Fellow Enthusiast,
There’s nothing quite like croc and alligator when it comes to durability, texture and style. Below we’ve collected a few of our most popular items for the discriminating hunter.
Casual & Ranger Horn-back Croc Belts {SHOP}
Available in black or brown, our casual and dress belts are perfect for a night on the town or a day at the office. Made from from one continuous, extra thick piece of crocodile hide, each one of these belts is constructed of the highly sought after Hornback portion of the hide that is typically reserved for exclusive boot makers or the fashion houses. The dramatic portion of the hide creates a belt that is unlike any other you’ll find on the market. I have worn one of these belts almost every day for the past 8 years and it looks as good as the day I put it on.
Gator & Croc Accessories {SHOP}
Wallets: Choose from our bi-fold or front pocket wallet. These make a great gift, but be sure to grab one for yourself as well.

Crocodile Tooth Pendant:
The history of every backward curving tooth can be seen by the imperfections acquired while chomping down on fish, turtles, hogs and deer.
The “Safari” in Nile Croc {SHOP}
Hurry, our Pre-Arrival Special for the stunning chocolate brown boot in Nile crocodile ends tomorrow, 3/18 at midnight. When you order by the deadline, you will receive a $100 discount off the list price (refunded to you after you check-out) and your boots will ship as soon as they arrive in approximately 50 days.

Did you know? The Nile Croc may be considered the 2nd largest extant reptile and is one of the most dangerous species of crocodiles.

Good hunting,
Jim & Elisabeth
African Sporting Creations
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2 Great Ways to Protect Your Precious Cargo

Dear Fellow Enthusiast,

Last month we introduced two new products from David Nickerson into the Spirit Carriers and Accessories section of our web site. The Travel Bar and Leather Hip Flask are sure to become you favorite drinking vessels and also make a great gift.The Leather Travel Bar Whiskey Set comes in a brown leather case with carrying strap and contains 3 drinking vessels for your favorite spirits. Each vessel holds 6 oz. The Leather 6 oz. Hip Flaskhas a “captive” top, brown leather cover and funnel. The flask comes packaged in a presentation box.

Order yours today and enjoy your next sundowner a bit more. Order one for yourself and another for a gift. Be sure to check out our other Spirit Carriers & Accessories.


Jim & Elisabeth

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3 Ways to Have the Best Seat in the House

Dear Fellow Enthusiast,

Whether you are trekking through Africa or enjoying a drink around the fire, you’ll appreciate the Safari & Campaign Furniture section of our website.

Our Dove Stool is sure to please the discerning outdoor enthusiast with it’s leather seat and stained legs. Plus, the leather sling makes carrying the dove stool over long periods of time a breeze.

Our collection of British Campaign Furniture is extremely sturdy and was designed to go together very quickly and then break down in minutes for storage or transportation.

For those who want to relive the allure of the Dark Continent a little closer to home, our solid Rhodesian Teak Furniture is perfect.

Good hunting,

Jim & Elisabeth

African Sporting Creations
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Trouble Shooting in the Brush?

Last year, we went to Africa to hunt plains game in very thick brush.  We brought our 3-section SuperCompact Shooting Sticks (learn more about them here) because we were traveling light with shorter, take-down rifle cases.  Thinking we’d be standing up to shoot, we put all three sections together at the start of the hunt.  However, the brush was so thick the only way to get a clean shot through the heavy brush was to remove the 27” bottom section and shoot from the kneeling or sitting position. From this position, we could shoot upward into the animal’s vitals and avoid having the bullet deflected by tough Acacia limbs.  We have seen similar cover in Texas, Florida and other parts of the USA depending on the season and game being pursued.

Based on this experience, our new Brush Sticks were born.

What is different about these sticks?
To start, the top section is 46”, a full 10” longer than our other shooting stick models to allow greater ease of use from a kneeling or sitting position.    To make sure these sticks are as rigid as all of our other models despite the longer top section, we made them a “fat” 5/8” diameter.  In addition to hunting in thick cover, we think these will be a favorite among turkey hunters and those who take long shots in open country and need the added stability of shooting from the sitting position. When both sections are put together, they are perfect for taking shots from the standing position.   Traveling with them is easy as the top section is always 46” which means they will fit in just about any full-length airline gun case as most of these have an inside dimension of 48”.  If you order the XL size, we add the additional length to the bottom section. See sizing recommendations at the bottom of this page.

(Left) Cord lock at bottom for walking
(Right) Cord lock at top so sticks can spread out

The new Brush Sticks are also the perfect height to use as a staff when navigating uneven ground.  If you have been watching the“Boddington Experience” this season you have seen Craig do this  with the top two sections of our SuperCompact shooting sticks (which are the same length) during many of the mountain hunting episodes. To use your new Brush Sticks as a staff, simply slide the doubled up, heavy-duty cord-lock that is on  the top section down so it is just above the brown bumpers that are just above the top connector to keep the three legs together.  When you want to spread them out to take a shot, simply slide the cord lock up are far as it will go and spread the sticks as needed.  I know this sounds almost too simple but that is all you have to do to unlock the versatility to this new model!

Other than engraving the lucky owner’s name on the connector, there are no options on this model as they come fully loaded with all of our most popular upgrades…rigid hickory shafts, black anodized connectors, hand-sewn circular tops and tough new brown synthetic bumpers for noise suppression and to keep the heavy-duty cord-lock from sliding down too far.

Read more on our Brush Stick page


Good hunting,

Jim & Elisabeth

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How Will You Display YOUR Trophy?

Dear Fellow Enthusiast,
This week we launched new products on our web site that are sure to be a welcome addition to your trophy room, office or home. The first is our steel Table Mount Stand that is hand finished with a bronze patina. This stand accomodates both small to large skulls and weighs nearly 8 lbs. Plus, it’s easy to use. There’s no drilling or damage to the skull. Simply rotate the trident hook to display your trophy at the best angle. We recommend using the medium trident hook for small to medium sized skulls or an XL trident hook for elk, kudu, warthog, sheep and other large skulled species. Measures 13″ x 6″ x 7″.


Sturdy steel base
Adjustable trident hook

Good hunting,

Jim & Elisabeth

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