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African Sporting Creations
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"Perfect Shot" Books
The Perfect Shot DVD
The Perfect Shot DVD
Quantity in Basket: None
Code: SABO100-6
Price: $39.95
Kevin “Doctari” Robertson is back with a DVD that covers the entire spectrum of his bestseller, The Perfect Shot, which sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and was translated into several languages. Now Safari Classics Productions and Safari Press have teamed with Kevin Robertson to bring the The Perfect Shot Africa to your living room screen. Carefully crafted with masterfully shot footage of actual hunting of dozens of species, this DVD has it all: where to shoot and why, views of animals in the field, shot placement, and frozen frames to illustrate the “ghost views.” It shows the hunter how to administer a lethal hit on everything from hippo to crocodile, impala, and elephant. All interlaced with comments by Kevin Robertson, this DVD shows the famous Doctari “ghost view” of an animal so that the reader can see exactly where a shot was placed. No other product has ever created such a clear and straightforward system of showing the hunter how to administer a lethal hit. Only Africa has such a diverse variety of game, and these animals require very different kill zones—brain shots, neck shots, and shoulder-bone shots as well as heart and lung shots. This DVD will show you, the hunter, what to look for and where to aim, preparing you for your safari before you ever step a foot on African soil. There is nothing like The Perfect Shot DVD! Do not go on safari without it! Kevin “Doctari” Robertson.

Total Run Time: 2 Hours