Program Overview

During times like these, it is important that we keep looking forward to a brighter future. On that note, we are pleased to announce our $10,000 First Responder Crocodile Belt Give-Away. We only have twenty five belts to award, so we realize that will likely only be a small percentage of the expected demand. Nonetheless, we hope you can appreciate the spirit behind this program, even if your nominee is not selected. We will give away five belts per week during each of the five Sundays in the month of May. Each Sunday we will publish your winning nomination paragraphs while protecting confidentiality. We hope seeing the true character of the great people around us will be and inspiration to us all.

Give-Away Rules & FAQs

Below are guidelines on how you can nominate someone to be “BELTED”. In addition to the belt, each lucky recipient will be emailed a proclamation from us, suitable for framing.

  1. Who can nominate someone? Any African Sporting Creations customer and any of their immediate friends who will honor the spirit of this initiative.

  2. Who can be nominated? As a general comment, any first responder who has gone above and beyond the call of duty working to battle the effects of Coronavirus...medical, military, law enforcement, etc. If you want to nominate someone who does not fit the profile above but you think they deserve to be “BELTED” feel free to do so.

  3. What do they win? One 1¼" casual hornback crocodile belt in either brown or black-even sizes between 28”-50”.

  4. How do I nominate someone? Use this entry form and in 100 words or less tell us why this person has gone above and beyond. We will read all the nominations each week and use our best judgement to select those who appear to be the most deserving. Only nominations that are completely filled out will be accepted.

  5. How do I know if my nominee has won? Open up the blast we will send out every Sunday during the month of May to see that weeks’ five winners.

  6. What is the spirit of the program? Those nominated should be deserving of this recognition and really appreciate the award. If they already have a dozen reptile belts and this one will just gather dust, please come up with a different candidate.

  7. Can they return the belt if it does not fit for a different size? Yes

  8. Can they exchange the belt for something else of equal value? No, our inventory of other items cannot support a give-away of this magnitude while we have shipments stuck in Africa due to most of the country being under a complete lockdown order.

  9. What happens if you run out of the more popular sizes? We do not think that will happen but we reserve the right to substitute other croc belt models. The reason we selected the model pictured above is because it is the most popular with both men and women.

  10. What do you want me to do? Nothing is required on your part above and beyond what we asked of you already. If you want to share what we are doing with others that may need some good news during these trying times, then feel free to forward this email to them.

  11. Do I have to buy something to be eligible for the give-away? No purchase is necessary to submit or win during our contest.

Thanks for your continued support and we hope all of you stay healthy.

Best Regards,

Jim & Elisabeth