.470 Nitro Culling Belt

.470 Nitro Culling Belt

.470 Nitro Culling Belt

Price: from $229.00

This belt is made with 8 Cape buffalo bullet loops and is specifically designed to hold cartridges (.470 NE, .416 Rigby, .500 NE, .505 Gibbs and all other half inch cartridges) that are too big for our other leather culling belts. It will even accommodate larger cartridges with some break-in. There is a gap in the middle of the loops to separate softs and solids. Due to the weight of these big bore cartridges we made the leather belt extra-thick so it would provide a stable platform for easy extraction. Even when your rounds are all the way in, the rim tops are above the belt for easy access. The heavy-duty buckle is non-reflective black and secured with two rivets for a lifetime of adventure.

Monogramming Available!
We are pleased to offer monogramming on this product for $15. You can choose up to 3 letters to make this item even more special. We use an electric brander to brand the material.

Please note, monogrammed products cannot be returned.
$15 charge