Black and White Zulu Shield

Black and White Zulu Shield

Black and White Zulu Shield

Price: from $699.00

These Zulu shields are made by an 85 year old Zulu Warrior and his two apprentices in South Africa. They incorporate everything you look for in an authentic Zulu shield; traditional eye-catching Nguni cowhide, a wooden main beam for additional stiffness and decorative impala hide fringe at the top. Colors of the shields, which are typically spotted include, black, white and tan.

We stock two shield sizes; XL is 60” x 24” and L is 52” x 20” with other sizes available upon request.

These are sold in four-piece sets which include:
  • Shield
  • Impala topped main beam
  • Knobkerrie
  • Spear
- 60” set-$749
- 52” set-$699