Boddington on Buffalo 2

Boddington on Buffalo 2

Boddington on Buffalo 2

Price: $40.00

Back in November 2004, Craig Boddington and his partners at Safari Classics Productions released the DVD "Boddington on Buffalo", which they believed set a new standard in outdoor film making. They are now pleased to announce the release of the much anticipated sequel to the original classic with the release of "Boddington on Buffalo II, The Future is Now."

Once again, he has teamed up with Professional hunter Andrew Dawson as they take the track of Africa's most popular dangerous game animal. In addition to over 24 action packed hunting segments within the film, including two spectacular charges from wounded buffalo, "Boddington On Buffalo II" takes an in depth look at the future of buffalo hunting across Africa with panel discussions including legendary professional hunters such as Harry Selby and Barrie Duckworth to name just a few.

If you have enjoyed his previous films on African big game hunting, "Boddington on Buffalo II" will surely become the centerpiece of your Africana collection. This is non-stop cape buffalo-start to finish.