Antique Closing Weapons & Maasai Simis

This is just a small sample of the clubs, axes and edged weapons in our collection. If you have a particular item you are looking for, give us a call as we usually have over 100 similar pieces on-hand.


AA Very old and rare 35” Swazi battle axe with telegraph wire banding – $699 SOLD

BB 24” Birmingham made machete from Mali with tribal sheath. Prince Hendricks of Denmark Collection – $499 Buy Now


(18-22”) are all razor sharp and must be handled with care, especially the ones with very tight sheaths.

CC Buy Now - $299

DD - $299 SOLD

NN $399 SOLD


PP Buy Now $399

QQ $399 SOLD

EE Design unique to the Gogo, this 36” black Wenge wood club has metal accents – $299 Buy Now

FF WWI German Mauser 24” bayonet/machete recently acquired from Tanzania– $499 Buy Now

GG Very old 24” Maasai two-tone, ironwood root ball war club– $499 SOLD

HH Wicked, very old XL 30” Zulu war club with metal spikes all around– $699 SOLD

II Short Zulu war club with top and bottom flat sections to snort snuff acquired from Christies– $499 SOLD

JJ Large very old 36” ebony Zulu war club– $449 Buy Now

KK Very old, beautifully crafted 20” Dinka war club with palm swell and twine banding– $449 SOLD

LL Old 32” Zulu 2-tone ebony war club– $499 Buy Now

MM Newer 20” Dinka war club– $149 SOLD

RR Newer 27” barbed Sundanese leather wrapped spear– $199 SOLD

SS Newer 28” Swazi spear with fiber weave on the top– $199 Buy Now

TT Old 34” Zulu stabbing spear with decorative brass wrap that has been cut down– $249 Buy Now

UU Lot of three metal tipped reed arrows– $149 SOLD