Antique Closing Weapons & Maasai Simis

This is just a small sample of the clubs, axes and edged weapons in our collection. If you have a particular item you are looking for, give us a call as we usually have over 100 similar pieces on-hand.


AA Design unique to the Gogo, this 24” club has termite damage on one side (pictured) – $399 Buy Now

BB Ngbandi 21” short sword is very old and razor sharp – $349 Buy Now

CC Massive very old 27” Swazi war club with flared palm swell intact – $399 Buy Now

DD Small, antique 25” Zulu war club that has been shortened – $199 Buy Now

EE Large very old 32” Zulu war club with flared palm swell intact – $399 SOLD

FF Very old 30” Zulu war club with flared palm swell and wire banding – $449 Buy Now

GG Ancient 28” Zulu war club with 16 kill marks around the split tail reinforcement – $1,999 SOLD

HH Very old 34” Zulu war axe with decorative engraving on the shaft – $499 SOLD

Maasai Simis range from 18-22” in length. All are razor sharp and must be handled with care-especially the ones without sheaths.


KK - $399 Buy Now

MM - $399 Buy Now

LL Without sheath – $299 Buy Now

NN Without sheath - $299 Buy Now

JJ Small, newer 24” Zulu war axe – $199 Buy Now

OO Old 24” Tetela tribe headhunter short sword – $499 Buy Now

PP Very old and rare 35” Swazi battle axe with telegraph wire banding – $699 Buy Now

DAN Tribe Bird Masks

These two are sold as a set and come from the DAN Tribe in the Ivory Coast. Longer one is 30” tall and the other one is 28” tall. Both are intricately carved with vibrant colors and came back with a WW II soldier. Legend has it only images that come to the DAN in their sleep can be carved into masks and if that is true, the individuals behind these had quite an imagination. Old fiber twine attached to the back of masks means you will have them on display in no time at all! Due to their delicate nature, they each have one or two repairs you will be hard pressed to find. $1,499

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