Marmoset Mammoth Ivory Bark

Marmoset Mammoth Ivory Bark

Marmoset Mammoth Ivory Bark
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Also great for use on fowl but with a bit more belly than the Bateleur, we like to think of the Marmoset as a trout and deer design. Perfect for processing small game and fowl, it also excels as a beautiful EDC.

Includes Ostrich Sheath, Kangaroo leather Lanyard, Mammoth Ivory (inner) Bead.

- Blade Material: Damasteel
- Blade Hardness: 59 Rockwell
- Blade Thickness: 0.10"
- Blade Length: 2.87"
- OAL Length: 6.34”

California, New York and New Jersey have passed laws that make it illegal to sell fossil mammoth ivory (tusk and teeth) so we are unable to ship these knives to those three states.