Platinum Safari Gear Package

Platinum Safari Gear Package

Platinum Safari Gear Package
Shooting stick size:
Type of wood:
Top covering:

Price: $1,246.00

Platinum Shooting Sticks
The Platinum Take-Down Version comes with your choice of exotic African woods, two sets of top (leather and Zebra or Cape Buffalo), and a carrying case.
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Dagga Boy/Ivory Skinner
Beautifully designed scimitar skinner that combines black African Cape buffalo horn with creamy white warthog ivory in the handle for a striking contrast. Incorporates a finger groove into the stainless steel bolster to make sure your hand does not slip towards the blade during field dressing. This spectacular knife is custom made by one of the most talented makers in the world and is a Sporting Wood Creations Exclusive. Each one comes with a high quality, hand made leather sheath that covers almost the entire knife so you never need to worry about losing them. The eyelet on the back of each one has a leather pull so you can coax it out of the sheath when needed.
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Cape Buffalo Scoped Rifle Case
This Cape Buffalo Gun Case fits scoped rifles up to 48" long. Outside measurements 10" x 50"
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Safari Binocular Sling
The same type of heavy duty leather strap Tony Makris of Under Wild Skies uses. Adjustable for a long hang (shown) or a shorter hang depending on your height and preference. Slides out of the way on your back in seconds and stays there when you need to shoot or crawl. Friction of the leather strap keeps it anchored and for added support you can put it through the button down shoulder flap on your safari jacket. Simple and flawless design that someone should have come up with a long time ago.
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