Sundowner Field Bar/Desk

Sundowner Field Bar/Desk

Sundowner Field Bar/Desk
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Enjoy the luxury of this must have British Campaign Field Bar/Writing Desk that is beautifully crafted from rich Rosewood. Since the days of the early 1700's British Campaign Furniture has been treasured for its innovative design, durability, and elegance for providing British troops with easily transported elegance while stationed in far corners of the globe. All partitions in this piece are removable to allow for a custom fit and there is even a spot for a decanter and glasses, or take the spacers out to make room for books. All the brass pieces on this extraordinary piece are hand-made-from the brass corners to the miniature skeleton keys that fit the solid brass padlock. A remarkable piece of furniture, as stunning as it is functional that would be right at home in your office, home or afield. Looks great on our Kruger Folding Table and leaves room to spare for appetizers.

Length: 25"
Width: 10"
Height: 13"

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