Spear Collection from the Congo

Spear Collection from the Congo

Spear Collection from the Congo
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This decorative, eleven spear collection came back just after WW II when the Congo was of intense interest to both the US and the USSR, as it had one of the few Uranium mines in the world. At the start of the Cold War, both countries were trying to build up their inventory of nuclear weapons. The gentleman who bought this back worked for a Pan American Company in the Congo.

The tallest spear is 64” and the shortest one is 53”. Each one has a 4” metal spike on the bottom and the decorative top metal (shaft and blade) ranges in length from 23”-12” long. Most of the shafts have a spiral decoration on them and three look like they have been replaced. The shaft on the spear in the #5 position has been replaced since the photo was taken with a natural African mahogany shaft of the same diameter and length.

The stand is hand forged steel and is riveted together. It is 20” wide at the top, 12” wide at the tapered bottom and the two sets of feet are 11” from front to back. When the metal stand has all the spears in it, it measures 34” from the tip of the shortest spear on one side, to the tip of the shortest spear on the other side.

We have seen miniature versions of the above, usually with decorative beading on spears that are approximately 24” long but have never come across one that displays full size spears in over three decades of collecting. This unique piece will look great in a corner or against a wall and we do not expect it to last long. $3995