Warthog Tusk Sword Cane

Warthog Tusk Sword Cane

Warthog Tusk Sword Cane

Price: $499.00

A retired Rhodesian precison machinist makes these for us and his tremendous skill comes through in every one of these unique pieces.  The Sword Cane is approximately 36” overall.  It features exceptional fit and finish and has a concealed trigger mechanism that you simply pull towards you to release the blade.  A matching exotic wood spacer conceals the trigger. The spacer is consistent with the other design elements, so only you will know it is there.  The three edged, stainless steel, 12” long circular push dagger has a razor sharp tip. 

The rest of the Sword Cane is identical to our Scrimshawed “Big Five” cane.  The handle is a hand polished, trophy sized warthog tusk that flows into the shaft for a flawless and attractive transition.  The tusk has a shallow, flat cut made along one side.  This flat surface is scrimshawed with a very detailed image depicting all of the African “Big Five”. The hand turned, exotic wood shaft incorporates several decorative elements and features a very beautiful and substantial piece of exotic wood that darkens with age.  These beautiful pieces exhibit flawless workmanship and the scrimshaw work is excellent.

Exotic Wood: Rhodesian Teak- recognized worldwide as one of the most beautiful and durable exotic woods.  A light toned, red wood that can have black stripes running through it for a stunning look.  The same wood they used to lay the railroad from Cape Town to Salisbury (Harrare) over 100 years ago.

These canes afford you extra protection if you encounter any four or two legged vermin.  Order yours today and start enjoying the outstanding artisanship built into every one.

Rhodesian Teak Sword Cane-$499

Please note that all models of our Ivory Canes are for display purposes only and are not for use by individuals who have a medical, degenerative or other condition that requires the use of a cane. While very durable, ivory is brittle and can snap off if used in a load bearing application. For this reason, do not lean on any of the ivory canes or use them for support while walking.

When you purchase a Sword Cane from African Sporting Creations you represent by your actions as a condition of your purchase that you are of legal age, and that the Sword Cane can be legally purchased and possessed by you under your applicable Local, City, County, State and Federal laws. Many states classify Sword Canes as concealed weapons so make sure you check with your local authorities before making your purchase. Sorry, we are not able to ship these to CA, NY, MA, AR or WI.