Wilderness 1.5" Canvas Sling

Wilderness 1.5" Canvas Sling

Wilderness 1.5" Canvas Sling

Price: $159.00

To ensure that your rifle sling is not only durable, but comfortable as well, leather strips cut from full grain leather are hand stitched onto the braided cotton canvas by local craftswomen of Els & Co.

Just as diverse as the Wilderness, one can't go wrong with the Wilderness Rifle Sling as the adjustable (33.5"-43.3") leather ties make it versatile to fit most rifles. Elegant and strong, a must for every rifle owner.

The leather thongs are easily slipped and securley knotted through the eyes of the stock and barrel for that elegant look. Versatile enough to fit most rifles, you can't go wrong with The Wilderness Rifle Sling.

The Rifle Sling is available in three sizes; Small: 70-90cm, Medium: 80-100cm, and Large 90-110cm.