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African Sporting Creations
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Mansfield, OH  44907

(419) 529-5599

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Custom Knives & Multi-Tools
Commission a KnifeLimited Edition KnivesCustom Folding Knives
Custom Fixed Blade KnivesChris Reeve KnivesFixed Blade Knives
Sword CanesBlack Mamba Dagger
We offer a wide range of custom knives and sword canes from the most skilled makers in Africa. The select group of dedicated artisans we work with offer unmatched quality and beautiful designs at reasonable prices. When you compare their work side by side with equally skilled domestic makers, you begin to appreciate the tremendous value they build into every one of their pieces. They also have an abundance of African tusk, horn and exotic woods to work with which makes it easy for them to provide “Safari Inspired” products. As you have come to expect, our product line is far from the ordinary and of the highest quality. All of our fixed blades and folders include leather sheaths. The commissioned and limited edition knives come boxed.

We offer a wide range of knife options. At one end of the spectrum, you can commission a knife to your specifications complete with an expertly scrimshawed mastodon ivory handle to memorialize a special hunt, event or friend. The knife shown was commissioned by Tony Makris, host of the "Under Wild Skies" TV show to memorialize a hunt for two cattle killing lions. You send us the photo you want to have scrimshawed, the design of your hand-hammered Damascus knife and we take care of the rest. We will commission an award winning custom knife maker to create the knife and then send it to a world-renowned scrimshaw artist to make your special photo come to life in either black & white or color. The lead-time for this special “knife of a lifetime” is similar to what you would expect if you were having the same thing done on canvas…about nine months from the time you finalize your knife design and we receive the photo (preferably in a high resolution JPEG file) you want scrimshawed on your knife.

On the other end of the spectrum we offer working fixed blades and working folders from some of the best known South African makers including Theuns Prinsloo, George Mueller, Arno Bernard and his son Arno (who does not like to be called Jr.). These working knives include several exclusives like our stunning Dagga Boy and Ivory Skinner. This stunning, jewelry quality piece features a handle that combines polished black Cape buffalo horn with creamy white warthog ivory and an upswept, curved blade for a drop-dead, gorgeous piece.

In between these two extremes, we offer numbered, limited edition sets and custom one-of a-kind folders from Corrie Schoeman and Theuns Prinsloo. Corrie and Theuns are two of the most skilled makers in the world and both are members of the South African Knife Makers Guild. Both have won “Best of Show” at several Guild competitions and make every one of their folding knives completely by hand and do not use jigs, patterns or templates.

Corrie does not employ any helpers (very rare today) and thus makes every knife all by himself. He only makes folders and began making knives over thirty years ago. He got started making knives when he was studying martial arts and began building short swords (called sais). At the time, the edged weapons that one would practice with where not readily available so he started making his own and the rest is history. Corrie holds two university degrees (both in engineering) but prefers to make a living using his hands. His knives incorporate a level of fit and finish that is unmatched. Each one includes a variety of intricate, hand executed design embellishments. When you hold one in your hand, you quickly understand why his tagline is “folding art”.

Chris Reeve is a world renowned maker who is a true innovator. The locking mechanism he developed many years ago for his folders is used on millions of knives produced around the world today and he is recognized as one of the very best in the field. He is a two-time winner of the industry’s highest honor, The Blade Knife of the Year Award. Chris and his wife came to the USA from South Africa approximately 20 years ago and have grown their 2 person operation to an organization that now employs almost 20 skilled craftsmen. His semi-custom line-up of folders and fixed blades fits in very nicely with our existing offering as they allow us to offer high quality knives that are more affordable than our hand-made products. Chris designs all his knives to have a timeless appeal. A good example of this is his Mnandi folder, which has been his best selling model for over 15 years. He makes durable, functional and beautiful knives that will last a lifetime.

If you are looking for something really out of the ordinary, we also offer Sword Canes and the much smaller “Black Mamba” Dagger. The Sword Cane is approximately 36” long and features exceptional fit and finish. Both have a concealed “trigger mechanism” that you simply pull towards you to unsheathe the blade. A circular, matching exotic wood spacer conceals the trigger. The spacer is consistent with the other design elements, so only you will know it is there. The three edged, 6" long stainless steel circular push dagger on the sword cane has a razor sharp tip. The Sword Cane handle is a hand polished, trophy sized warthog tusk that flows into the shaft for a flawless and attractive transition. The tusk has a shallow, flat cut made along one side. This flat surface is scrimshawed with a very detailed image depicting all of the African “Big Five”. The shaft features a very beautiful and substantial piece of exotic African wood that darkens with age. While in the same family as our Sword Cane, the much smaller “Black Mamba” Dagger has an exotic African wood handle and is approximately 13” overall. The three edged, stainless steel circular push dagger has a razor sharp tip. It shares the same incredible workmanship found on its larger cousin and is a unique and very striking little piece that packs a real wallop. Both of these beautiful pieces exhibit flawless workmanship.

These exceptional pieces add excitement to any excursion as a little bit of African travels with you. Order yours today and be prepared for your next adventure at home or abroad.

In1983 Leatherman invented the Multi-Tool category and since then they have been making tools that can endure just about anything. We offer several models in three different sizes so you can always find one that meets your needs. View our selection of Leatherman Multi-Tools

When you purchase a knife from African Sporting Creations you represent by your actions as a condition of your purchase that you are of legal age, and that the knife can be legally purchased and possessed by you under your applicable Local, City, County, State and Federal laws.

Please note that all models of our Ivory Canes are for display purposes only and are not for use by individuals who have a medical, degenerative or other condition that requires the use of a cane. While very durable, ivory is brittle and can snap off if used in a load bearing application. For this reason, do not lean on any of the ivory canes or use them for support while walking.

When you purchase a Sword Cane (includes the “Black Mamba” dagger) from African Sporting Creations you represent by your actions as a condition of your purchase that you are of legal age, and that the Sword Cane can be legally purchased and possessed by you under your applicable Local, City, County, State and Federal laws. Many states classify Sword Canes as concealed weapons so make sure you check with your local authorities before making your purchase. Sorry, we are not able to ship either of these to CA, NY, MA, AR or WI.
Product Review + read more reviews »
"I skinned an elk with my Big Bowie last week and it worked beautifully and kept a great edge.  Regarding the Prinsloo folder, I fell in love with it when I saw it on the table and when I got home I compared it to my others (that in some cases cost twice as much) and they could not hold a candle to it.  Please send me photos when you get your next shipment."
--George S., Nashua, NH