Dark Continent Shooting Sticks

Dark Continent Shooting Sticks

Dark Continent Shooting Sticks

Price: from $499.00

Red, black and brown are the colors most commonly found on Maasai warrior shields and that is why we selected three stunning exotic woods in the same colors for this first in a series of limited edition Shooting Sticks. The wood shafts are hand-finished from African Sapele (red), African Wenge (black) and African Shedua (brown). We engrave each of the top three connectors with the name of its wood species so you will always remember them. Only one dozen sets of this special model will be made and each one comes with a numbered and signed letter of authenticity.

All sets come with the following:
* Shock cord holes lined with custom brass sleeves
* Mammoth ivory 'Night Sights' so you know which two legs to grasp for set-up
* Three anodized aluminum connectors engraved with the name of the three wood species
* Heavy-duty canvas carrying case

The only option offered on these top-of-the-line sticks is engraving the lucky recipient's name in the wood of the middle shaft.

The sticks are available in L (fit those 68"-73" tall) length only, weigh less than 3 pounds, and length before assembly is 36".

Our Dark Continent shooting sticks are perfect to hang a favorite hat or binoculars from in a special corner of your trophy room or to commemorate a special hunt with your son or daughter. They are a great gift for your PH or to use on your next hunting trip locally or abroad. Order yours today before they are gone!