Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions. If you have a question not answered below, please contact us.

How quickly do they ship?

Almost all stock Courteney® orders ship the next business day. We stock over 20 styles and over 500 pairs in Ohio so even if we do not have the exact model you want, we can send you something very similar if you need them quickly.

How do I make sure I get a pair of boots that fits the first time?

Select our "SURE-FIT" option. Fitting footwear online is a challenge but we have just launched a new program that makes it easy. The SURE-FIT Program helps you increase your chances of getting a perfect fit and offers discounted pricing on our most popular footwear accessories. This program is designed for both the first time Courteney customer and those who already own a pair. Learn more here: SURE-FIT

How are the men’s styles cut?

The boots run wide so if you have a wide foot (E or EE) they will fit you right out of the box. If you have a regular width foot (up to a D width), then order one of several regular width styles we offer.

Do they have a lot of arch support?

They are cut relatively flat so if you have a pronounced arch we recommend you order a set of our SOLE insoles which quickly mold to your feet. If you are "between" sizes, the thin gray insoles usually take up any extra space..

What socks do you recommend?

We recommend the Rohner Trekking socks from Switzerland. They are heavily cushioned and the Merino wool wicks moisture away from your feet.

Are Courteney Boots waterproof?

All of the Courteney boots are treated to be water repellent but are not water proof. The application of the Courteney conditioner will keep them water repellent. Due to the hot temps in Africa, these boots are designed to breathe so that moisture does not accumulate in them and cause blisters. To be truly waterproof, you need some type of one way membrane (for example GORE-TEX) but boots with that type of material are typically too hot for Africa as they do not allow moisture to evaporate freely.

Do you offer ladies styles?

Yes, we offer three different ladies styles.

What is your return policy?

Try any boot we stock in your home and if you need a different size or want to return them, just send them back and let us know how you want to proceed. No return authorization is required, but please put a note in the box telling us what action you want us to take.