We are partial to Zulu Shields, Maasai lion spears/shields and intricately crafted Kuba spears from the Congo. Many sizes, materials and tribes are represented in our extensive inventory. Most of our items are at least 75-100 years old and some are much older. They were acquired from European museums or at auction. Many are coated from the soot of hundreds of wood fires and are readily distinguishable from their mass-produced replicas. The items shown are a small sampling of our collection.

Please keep in mind that our online inventory sells quickly, however we set aside a few special pieces that are not offered on our site or in our annual catalog to serve as substitute items. If you are looking for something in particular or want more details on an item, call us at (419) 529-5599.

We have one of the largest African weapons collections in the country and are particularly fond of Maasai Lion and Zulu stabbing (Iklwa) spears.

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