The Heritage Collection dates back two decades and contains many customer favorites. Shown below is an assortment of nine of their best-selling models from five different collections. Each knife includes a hand-sewn sheath; Bovine leather is the standard sheath; Mammoth molar knives come with an upgraded Ostrich leg leather sheath.

GIANT (Buffalo and Hippo) - A great choice for people with XL hands who need to butcher large animals. Big enough to pull double-duty as a light-weight camp knife.

PREDATOR (Lion and Croc) - A versatile choice that lets you break-down large animals and cape them with the same knife. Includes two drop point options; one with a bit more belly which is ideal for skinning.

GRAZER (Nyala and Zebra)-Two handy drop points that can do it all-warthog handles available on both which is an African Sporting Creations exclusive.

SCAVENGER (Wild Dog, Marabou and Jackal) - A small bird and trout knife that is compact enough to go anywhere with you and the perfect size for an EDC.

BUSH BABY (Gecko and Squirrel) - These razor sharp knives are small enough to put in a shirt pocket so you will always have one of these handy knives within easy reach. Also great for detailed caping work on the face and around the horns as these little scalpels can get into hard-to-reach spots.

Please note, when ordering the knives below you will recieve the exaxct knife featured in the photos.