Carbon Fiber Shooting Sticks

Carbon Fiber Shooting Sticks

Carbon Fiber Shooting Sticks

Price: from $549.00

These are lightest, most rigid, quiet and functional Shooting Sticks on the market. Carbon fiber is four times stronger than steel yet weighs less than aluminum.

Our customers tell us they like the rigidity of them which allows them to lean into the shot, how the noise suppression bumpers eliminate the "dinner bell" noise made by the legs of all-aluminum models clanking together and how the wood points on the bottoms anchor them securely in place and eliminate any metallic noise.

Our carbon fiber sticks come with padded vinyl tops and a high quality, heavy duty canvas carrying case that keeps them from coming into contact with your rifle during transportation and have the option of engraving for personalization.

Approximately 2.5 lbs

Selecting the Correct Size:
Your Height
Longest Section
6' 2"+
5' 8"- 6' 1"

Make these sticks even more special by getting the lucky recipient's name engraved on them and by selecting the optional Courteney Cape buffalo carrying case.