Carbon Fiber Shooting Sticks

Carbon Fiber Shooting Sticks

Carbon Fiber Shooting Sticks

Price: from $549.00

Product Descripton
These are lightest, most rigid, quiet and functional Shooting Sticks on the market. Carbon fiber is four times stronger than steel, yet weighs less than aluminum.

Our customers tell us they like the rigidity of them which allows them to lean into the shot, how the noise suppression bumpers eliminate the "dinner bell" noise made by the legs of all-aluminum models clanking together and how the polymer points on the bottoms anchor them securely in place and eliminate any metallic noise.

Like all our products they are over-engineered to exceed your expectations and are the most labor-intensive shooting sticks we manufacture.

  • The custom-made bottom points are made from an almost indestructible polymer and are epoxied into the bottom and then wrapped with metallic thread and dipped in an epoxy to make the carbon fiber rod even stronger so they will never come out.
  • The six middle sections get a similar treatment, they are wrapped with metallic thread and then dipped in epoxy for extra strength.
  • The connectors are crimped into very strong, straight-grained hickory dowels that are friction-fit 5” into the carbon fiber dowel and are pinned in place with custom made, thick walled, circular, bronze sleeves that are then expanded to lock the shafts in place and prevent any moisture from getting in.
  • Noise suppression bumpers on the tops and bottoms prevent the sticks from making any noise.
  • The three top sections are center drilled and then sleeved with a tough, poly tube so the shock cord does not get abraded by the carbon fiber.
  • For the “V” where you rest your rifle we cover both carbon fiber rods with ops with thick UV and solvent resistant tops so your black padded tops to protect the checkering on your rifle and to help lock the fore end in place.
Our carbon fiber sticks come in a high-quality heavy duty canvas carrying case that keeps them from coming into contact with your rifle during transportation. You also have the option of personalizing your sticks to make them even more special.

Approximately 2.5 lbs

Selecting the Correct Size:
Your Height
Longest Section
6' 2"+
5' 8"- 6' 1"

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Engrave your name (up to 30 characters) on the connector for $49.

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