SuperCompact Shooting Sticks

SuperCompact Shooting Sticks

SuperCompact Shooting Sticks

Price: from $399.00

Product Description
Our 3-piece SuperCompact Shooting Sticks are for those who like to travel with their firearms incognito in a shorter take-down case (Blaser, double rifles) and need a more compact set of shooting sticks. They are also available in the Fly's Eye version that offers twice as many points of contact for unmatched stability.

Instead of one set of anodized take-down connectors, these have two. The shorter wood sections make these sticks even more rigid than our other models. To ensure you can plant them in the ground, pointed tips are always facing down whether you use one, two, or all three sections.

Standards - Large sticks weigh approximately 3.0 lbs. and use hickory stained medium brown for all sections. $399

Exotics - Weigh approximately 2.5 lbs. and use lightweight but very rigid exotic African hardwood for the top and bottom sections. Hickory stained a medium brown color is used for the middle sections. Merbau and Shedua are $499, and Topical Walnut and Zebrawood are $599.

Your Height
Longest Section
6' 2" +
5' 8" - 6' 1"
5' 2" - 5' 7"
Note: Super compacts will fit in a Blaser case.

Bridge Tops


Suede Leather Bridge Top
These do what ordinary two-piece circular tops cannot; they lock in your rifles’ fore-end. Although specifically designed for the wide fore-ends found on double rifles and big bore bolt actions, they work just as well on smaller fore-ends. Learn more about our Bridge Tops

Engrave your name (up to 30 characters) on the connector for $49.