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African Sporting Creations
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Mansfield, OH  44907

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Men's Belts
Horn-back Crocodile Ranger Belt
Horn-back Crocodile Ranger Belt
Quantity in Basket: None
Code: MEAC001-2
Price: $399.00
Please select your waist size:
These 1 1/4" Ranger belts fit standard belt loops and are the best we have seen anywhere and that includes several we inspected at two leading department stores that sell for more than twice what these do. We have wanted to add crocodile belts to our line-up for some time but could not find a manufacturer that met our extremely high standards until we found this small batch, custom maker.

These belts are made from one continuous, extra thick piece of crocodile hide and this alone sets them apart from most of the crocodile belts out there. Many of the belts we looked at were made up of small scraps of hide left over from making other products that are then glued or sewn together.

Every one of these belts includes the highly sought after Hornback portion of the hide that consists of the two higher, more pronounced ridges that run along either side of the spine. This ridge starts right behind the eyes and ends well into the tail and is the most dramatic and durable portion of the hide. It typically goes to exclusive boot makers or the fashion houses. One mature Crocodile yields just two Hornback belts and this is the only type of belt our maker offers.

His workmanship is flawless. The tanning is expertly done and provides a beautiful luster that highlights the individual scales. The buckles are detachable. The rich, reddish-brown comes with heavy-duty solid brass hardware and the black shares the same heavy duty hardware but is plated with a durable satin gloss nickel finish. Both colors feature strategically placed rivets and heavy duty stitching which mean these belts will last a lifetime. I have worn one of these belts almost every day for the past 8 years and it looks as good as the day I put it on.

Sizing is easy: measure your existing belt from the hole you use to the end of the buckle and order the closest even size. Available sizes: 32-46