3-Piece Tribal Spear Set

3-Piece Tribal Spear Set

3-Piece Tribal Spear Set
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Introducing the 3-Piece Tribal Spear Set, a captivating collection of beautifully crafted African spears with a unique provenance. This remarkable set was acquired from the personal collection of Professor Gene R. Shreve, located in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts and consists of three distinct spears, each telling its own story:

  • 60" long-bladed, bamboo-shafted hunting spear
  • 44" Chief's ceremonial spear
  • 17.5" Chief's clay-topped scepter

These spears are not just decorative items; they are a testament to the craftsmanship and cultural heritage of Africa. Whether displayed for their artistry or as conversation pieces, these spears offer a unique connection to the traditions and history of African tribes.