Barberton Bird Carrier

Barberton Bird Carrier

Barberton Bird Carrier

Price: $99.00

This is a well-designed versatile bird carrier system. Use two Small Fowl or Large Flow Bird Carriers attached to the Pheasant Carrier Handle to carry up to 20 pheasants in one hand.

The entire Pheasant Carrier Handle is shaped from high quality genuine leather. We had custom d-rings made from solid brass that your Bird Carriers attach to. The entire handle is hand stitched using thick wax coated cotton thread, giving a unique and aesthetically pleasing look and tactility to all our products.

The solid brass studs clip through the leather to secure your Bird Carrier to your Pheasant Carrier Handle. The handle has a pronounced belly making for a comfortable carry when the Carrier Handle is laden with birds.

Els & Co. uses only high quality genuine leather and solid brass in the production of all their products.