Cane/Spear Stand

Cane/Spear Stand

Cane/Spear Stand

Price: $399.00

Rhodesian Teak has a worldwide reputation as one of the most striking exotic woods available and is the perfect wood to complement the African spears, canes and shields we offer. We decided to offer these beautifully made stands after our customers requested a way to display the items they purchased from us in an organized and stunning manner.

The rich reddish brown base is laced with stripes that range in color from light brown to black. Polishing this extremely dense wood provides it with a stunning satin glow. This beautiful piece is very stable due to its custom designed thick, heavy base so you do not have to worry about it tipping over even if you load it up with long, heavy spears. The scale of this piece works equally well with spears, canes or a combination of the two.

These stands are 28" tall, 15" across the top and bottom with a 3" thick base. The top has eight round holes in it that are 1 ½" across (about the size of a half dollar) that line up with ½" deep recessed circular areas in the base so that the spear or cane will stay put. For an even more interesting display, we suggest securing a shield from one of the four support beams, preferably one that is small in scale as shown in the picture.

These stands ship broken down and take about 15 minutes to put together with eight exposed, bronze colored, hex head screws. These are the perfect addition to your cane or spear collection and display them in a very appealing fashion that offers the convenience of easy access while holding them securely. Order a set of our Big Five Canes, a warthog cane, a knobkerrie cane and one of our walking staffs and you have a striking conversation piece