The iMamba® Collection

If there was a “Best Knife” classification like there is for British Best Guns, the new Arno Bernard imamba® folding knife would fall into that category.  Just like “Best Guns”, what you see is only part of the equation and what you do not see is just as important, and in some cases, even more important than the visible attributes.  This new knife has a rounded opening tab on the top of the blade that enables one-handed opening.

Today, 99% of folding knives are taken off machines and assembled. In direct contrast to that, each one of these beautiful knives has all four brother’s fingerprints all over it. The metallic tolerances they achieve are less than 1/100th of a millimeter which is one-tenth the thickness of a piece of paper.  Each blade is hand-polished to a mirror finish to highlight any areas that require additional attention.  After that, the blades are put in a tumbler with ceramic media to produce a satin gloss finish.  The blades are then sharpened by hand. Thus you can see the shiny razor sharp hollow ground edge contrasting against the satin gloss body of the blade.

As with all great products, it all starts with the finest materials.  The blade is made from RWL 34 stainless steel, the frame and pocket clip are titanium to keep it light and the pocket clip has limited external screws for a clean visual. This large folder measures 7.9” overall with a 4.1” frame, 3.4” deep bellied blade and yet only weighs 4.3 ounces. 

The locking mechanism is lapped by hand until the two surfaces engage at 100% for unmatched strength.  While the locking mechanism is extremely durable and made to last a lifetime, if it ever wears out, it is easy to replace. The premium, friction-free ceramic ball bearings that make the action as smooth as glass contribute to the durability of this new offering. The pocket clip is a new design that is comfortable to hold in the hand which is something many people on the knife forums put on their “wish list”. If you want to open it up with two hands, there is a deep nail notch that makes that possible.

The Rinkhals Collection

These Arno Bernard knives take you back to a simpler time, when your first pocket knife opened and closed without any locking mechanism. This updated version of the classic slip joint measures 6.5” overall, has a 2.8” blade and a full sized 3.7” frame with a 2.8” handle inlay. It features a beautiful design with a versatile, RWL34 stainless steel blade, a nail nick for easy opening, and ridged thumb serrations on the top of the blade. Just like your old Buck®, Western® or Case®, the blade features a mirror finish. The hand-sewn, leather slip protects it in your pocket and the matching bead attached to the leather lanyard makes it easy to access. This lightweight knife sheds ounces by using Titanium for the frame, pocket clip, collar and screws and only weighs 2.3 ounces!

The slip joint mechanism of this knife features an innovative "safety" when it is approximately half-way open which causes the blade to release its tension at the 90° mark so it is easy to move your fingers out of the way before tension builds again and assists you in closing (or opening) the knife. Most slip joint knives have continuous tension throughout their entire range, which in some cases causes the blade to close before you can get your fingers out of the way. Since this knife does not have a mechanism that locks it open, always cut with the blade going away from you to prevent injury.

Personalize Your Knife
Engraving available on this model for $49. Gray lettering is 1/8" tall and adds 7 business days to delivery time.

Shipping Restrictions
Please note that California, New York and New Jersey have passed laws that make it illegal to sell fossil mammoth ivory (tusk and teeth) so we are unable to ship these knives to those three states.