Canteen with Holder

Canteen with Holder

Canteen with Holder

Price: from $249.00

This set was modeled after one issued to South African troops during WW II. Good design is timeless and we kept this new product true to the original.

You can carry it two ways; from the shoulder strap or remove that and slide it onto our leather utility belt. The body and cap of this canteen are aluminum so in an emergency you can boil water in it. The felt cover, which is included keeps it quiet.

This lightweight, skeletonized leather carrier holds the 34 oz. canteen firmly and utilizes solid brass hardware and rivets at all key points. As an added bonus, we include two free liquid packets of PROTEKT® ENERGY to increase your energy level and stay hydrated on safari. Starting price is for all five components; the canteen, felt cover, leather shoulder strap, skeletonized carrier and PROTEKT samples

Pricing & Protekt Hydration
Canteen (5 pcs.) with 15 PROTEKT Packets-$279
Canteen (5 pcs.)-$249