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Price: from $549.00

These 14” x 20” beveled edge charcuterie/carving boards are hand-crafted to our specifications with a full juice groove and showcase the beauty of four different 1 ¼” thick exotic African hardwoods. From the center strip of red Padauk to the outside of the board, each side is a mirror image of the other. This stunning board showcases the beauty of African Shedua, Padauk, Rock Maple (for contrast), African Bubinga and black African Wenge.

Each pair of hand-polished warthog ivory tusks carrying handles are expertly fitted to the board and flare to the outside just like they do in a warthog. The tusks are tapped and screwed into place on both the tip and the base. While this sounds easy, our master machinist is one of the few that can execute this concept flawlessly. All the tusk mounting points have silicon beneath them so nothing will get underneath.

The tusks can be ordered in two sizes. Larges are representative of the species and measure approximately 10” around the curve. XL are huge, trophy sized tusks that are in the top 1% in terms of size and even after being cut down so they fit flush on the board, measure over a foot around the curve.

Care: Hand wash/hand dry only.