Cradock Culling Belt

Cradock Culling Belt

Cradock Culling Belt

Price: $499.00

Els & Co's Cradock Culling Belt is a heavy duty cartridge carry belt, similar in design to the belts used at the turn of the 19th century when culling elephant. Two Somerset Cartridge Pouches are integrated into the belt, giving you carry 16 rounds (8x2) and Standard and Short-action rifle holds 20 rounds (10x2).

All of their products are crafted using only the best quality vegetable tanned leather we can source. It is self dyed and hand rubbed with our own mixture of beeswax, animal fat and vegetable oil, giving a classic old school finish. The entire belt is hand stitched, around 400 stitches in total, using thick wax coated cotton thread that gives the honest tactility of true craftsmanship.

Each belt is fully adjustable belt and is available in three sizes: Medium (36"-40"), Large (40"-44") and XL (44"-49")