Custom Wood Rifle Ammo Box - 50 Round Capacity

Custom Wood Rifle Ammo Box - 50 Round Capacity

Custom Wood Rifle Ammo Box - 50 Round Capacity

Price: from $169.00

Please note, our custom order boxes have a 120 day delivery time. Calibers will be engraved exactly as you show them and have a maximum length of up to a combination of 14 spaces which includes periods, letters, numbers and spaces, etc.

These stunning and practical pieces feature two different African exotic woods and premium dovetail construction. African Salinga is used for the exterior of the box and African Rubberwood is used for the interior bullet tray. Each box holds 50 rounds and the boxes and bullet holes are custom-sized for each caliber.

Medium (up to .374) measure approximately 5” tall, 5” deep and 9” across.
Large (.375-.416) mid-bore Magnums (+$20) will be approximately 20% larger than medium sized boxes.
XL, Nitro Express (.417-.500) calibers (+$50) will be approximately 20% larger than large sized boxes.
XXL Nitro Express (.501-.700) calibers (+$80) will be almost 50% larger than the XL sized boxes.

Since these cases are not metallic with a locking latch, they are not airline approved.

Premium dovetail joints are used for two reasons; because they are visually appealing and more importantly, the way the “tails” lock together makes them much stronger than flush joints. We always choose to err on the side of over-engineering and when you consider 50 rounds of .500 Nitro Express weighs eight pounds, a little extra insurance is a good thing. The heavy-duty handle is made from thick, vegetable tanned leather and the non-locking latch secures the case shut. The lid opens to approximately 135 degrees to conserve space on your bench and the bottom has four low profile rubber bumpers so the exotic wood does not get scratched.

Customizing Your Case
After you select your box size, enter your name (engraved on top lid of case) and caliber (engraved on the front) exactly how you you would like it to appear on the box. In the final step you have the option of selecting up to TWO animals to be engraved on the front of the case.