Custom Wood Shotgun Ammo Box

Custom Wood Shotgun Ammo Box

Custom Wood Shotgun Ammo Box

Price: from $199.00

These hand-crafted pieces showcase the beauty of two different exotic African woods, utilize premium dovetail construction, and feature a thick leather handle. African Salinga is used for the exterior and African Rubberwood is used for the interior shotgun shell tray. They are available for any gauge and each is sized to hold fifty 3” shells. They are laser engraved with the gauge, your name and option of 2 birds.

Premium dovetail construction is used for two reasons; because it is visually appealing and more importantly, the way the tails lock together makes them much stronger than flush joints. We always choose to err on the side of over-engineering and when you consider fifty 12 gauge shells can weigh over six pounds, a little extra insurance is a good thing. The bottom has four low profile rubber bumpers so the exotic wood does not get scratched.

For your custom case, select the following:
- Gauge: 10 or 12 gauge ($30 Additional)
- Name to Engrave
- Choose up to 2 birds to engrave