Dagga Boy A-Z

Dagga Boy A-Z

Dagga Boy A-Z
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Model: Dagga Boy A-Z in Mammoth Molar
Maker: Arno Bernard Jr. of South Africa
Description: Beautiful design that utilizes fossilized mammoth molar which is millions of years old for the handle Incorporates a finger groove into the stainless steel bolster to make sure your hand does not slip towards the blade during field dressing. This general-purpose drop point has a bit more belly than the original drop point and a more rounded point, making it a great skinning knife, rugged enough to tackle general camp chores, and capable of slicing up back straps out of the skillet. This spectacular knife is an African Sporting Creations Exclusive and comes with a high-quality, handmade leather sheath that covers almost the entire knife, so you never need to worry about losing it.
Steel: Blade is Bohler N690 surgical stainless steel and bolster is 303 stainless steel
Handle: Mammoth Molar
Sheath: Ostrich Leg Leather
O/A Length: 8”
Blade Length: 3 1/2”

When ordering, you will receive the exact knife pictured in the photo.

California, New York, and New Jersey have passed laws that make it illegal to sell fossil mammoth ivory (tusk and teeth), so we are unable to ship these knives to those three states.