Elephant Dresser Caddy

Elephant Dresser Caddy

Elephant Dresser Caddy

Price: from $149.00

These dresser caddies have an extra thick 7" x 7" cowhide frame with an eye-catching 6"x 6" elephant hide panel sewn in the middle. It is 1.5" tall to keep everything you need to fill your pockets with in one place. They are great for EDC pocket dumps!

The craftsmanship is outstanding and this piece may be just what you need to never misplace your keys or wallet again!

Shown with a stainless steel imamba in natural warthog, an elephant front pocket wallet and an elephant hanger key chain (not included).

Monogramming Available!

Make this product even more special by having the lucky recipient’s initials (up to three) monogrammed on this product for $15. Please note, monogrammed products cannot be returned.