Mammoth Molar Handled Steak Knives

Mammoth Molar Handled Steak Knives

Mammoth Molar Handled Steak Knives
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This boxed set of six steak knives will add elegance to any meal. No expense was spared in the creation of these one-of-a-kind sets. The knives are 8.1” overall with sleek, contoured 4.05” handles that showcases the stunning beauty of polished Mammoth Molar which is millions of years old. Five stainless steel pins on each side keep the handles securely fastened to the full length tang. The N690 Bohler stainless steel blade is 4.05” long and Franco Bernard puts a razor sharp, hollow ground edge on every one.

The custom crafted, African mahogany presentation box features recessed brass hinges, a magnetic closure and contrasting exotic wood highlights on all four corners. A center divider keeps the knives securely separated, with three knives to a side.

Knife Care
Hand wash in warm water and hand dry. Do not put in a dishwasher.

Please note, these knives are part of the 'Exclusive Arno Bernard Collection'. When ordering, you will receive the exact knives featured in the photos.

California, New York and New Jersey have passed laws that make it illegal to sell fossil mammoth ivory (tusk and teeth) so we are unable to ship these knives to those three states. Warthog handled knives can be shipped to any state in the USA.