Padded Sling with Exotic Inlay

Padded Sling with Exotic Inlay

Padded Sling with Exotic Inlay

Price: from $159.00

These hand-made, heavily cushioned slings are the perfect companion to your double or dangerous game rifle as they are padded for extra comfort and wider to displace the weight of these heavy rifles over a greater area. They also have a thumb-hole for greater comfort and to make sure you can keep it securely anchored on your shoulder. The inlays add a striking contrast to the heavy-duty latigo leather.

Length Options
- Regular for rifles where the front sling post is in the fore end ($159)
- XL version for big bores and double rifles with barrel bands ($179)

Inlay Options
- Cape Buffalo
- Zebra, Elephant and Croc (+$30)

Quick Detach Swivels (Set of 2, +$50)
- American
- European

Please check your state, county and local laws before ordering this product to make sure it is legal for you to purchase. Elephant hair and hide is illegal to ship to residents of NY, NJ, CA, HI, IL, WA, OR, NV, VT, MA, RI, DE and ME. Zebra hide is illegal to ship to resident of CA.