Permethrin Clothing Treatment

Permethrin Clothing Treatment

Permethrin Clothing Treatment

Price: $19.00

The EPA has recently granted Sawyer registration for a new Military Style Insect Repellent treatment system for clothing. Simply hang and spray your clothing outside until damp, let it dry completely, and stay protected for 6 washings - no guess work!

Permethrin is a contact insecticide. That is, it kills ticks or other insects when it comes in contact with them. It is used on clothing and materials. It uses the same active ingredient used in hair shampoos for head lice. When applied to clothing the Permethrin binds to the fabric eliminating the risk of over-exposure to the skin.

As a clothing application, Permethrin is very effective at keeping ticks from attaching to you.

Permethrin is an effective repellent against mosquitoes and flies and we recommend you use it in conjunction with a skin based repellent like Picaridin. By storing the treated clothing in black plastic bags between uses, the protection can be extended considerably.

24 oz. spray bottle treats 3 complete outfits. Use with Picaridin for full body protection.