Pith Helmet

Pith Helmet

Pith Helmet
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Developed in the mid-1800's, the pith helmet was originally issued to British and other European troops stationed in India, Africa and the Middle East until the late 1940's. Originally it was designed as a Sunhat for the tropics, whilst still offering protection.

Originally made from pith (a spongy wood fiber that can be permanently molded into different shapes) or cork as that type of material was water repellent and held its shape even when the pith helmet was immersed in water. This construction permitted the scooping up of liquid and then tipping it up over one’s head to cool down. The band around the helmet is called a pugaree which is an Indian term, and was made of a strip of cotton cloth that could double up as a bandage in times of injury when at war.

The contemporary pith helmet is adjustable (one size fits all), lightweight and affordable. This must-have piece is the perfect accessory for any trophy room.