Possibles Pouch

Possibles Pouch

Possibles Pouch

Price: $229.00

In the days of the mountain man, a “possibles bag” was carried in which they carried everything that could possibly be needed for the day; today it might be your cell phone, mini-binoculars, smokes and lighter, multi-tool or knife.

The belt loop is double stitched to ensure that it will last a lifetime and is extra wide so that it can be easily slide on and off any belt. A solid brass stud ensures your gear always stays where it should but is easy to access with one hand.

All Els' products are crafted using only the best quality vegetable tanned leather available and is self dyed and hand rubbed with their own mixture of beeswax, animal fat and vegetable oil for a classic old school look.

The internal dimensions measure 4.7" tall, 7.25" across and 1.6" deep