Adventure Simplified

Deciding what gear to take on safari can be a daunting task. Even more daunting is determining how you will get answers to your many questions. Keeping track of what needs to be done and when, is key to your preparation. We simplify all of the above for you in this section. We have developed the information provided based on our personal experiences, conversations with hundreds of customers and discussions with our African PH Pro Staff. Please take the time to review all of this section.

Start out by printing the Trip Planning Timeline (PDF) which takes the time sensitive information we provide in the Essential Gear Checklist (PDF) section and breaks it down into three chronological horizons so you can keep track of the multitude of things that must be done as your trip approaches.

The Travel & Packing Tips section will help you determine which items you should bring and provides preparation information. This section is also filled with useful medical, travel, packing and preparation tips.

The Essential Gear Checklist (PDF) includes a categorized listing of products to help make your shopping easier.