Take-Down Seasoned Hunter Staff

Take-Down Seasoned Hunter Staff

Take-Down Seasoned Hunter Staff

Price: $229.00

This new item came about as a result of one of our more experienced customer requests. After two knee replacements, this senior citizen wanted a stout walking staff that would double as a shooting stick from either the standing or kneeling position. Based on his initial comments, we hit the bulls-eye. This sturdy 1 Diameter Stalking Staff utilizes four precision engineered aluminum connectors/caps, is available in Hickory, Black Walnut or African mahogany and is topped with Fallow deer antler that you rest your rifles fore-end on. This is a rock-solid Stalking Staff that will extend your ability to place a shot accurately by a considerable distance.

Thomas McIntyre, the Shooting Editor of Field and Stream received a prototype of this new model and it exceeded his expectations. Thomas has hunted around the world and has tested all manner of Shooting Accessories so that is no small accomplishment. Since that first Hickory prototype we have incorporated several very nice improvements into this new offering.

This very traditional piece will appeal to those who appreciate custom made products that use the best natural components available and are fed up with those flimsy and noisy aluminum ones that always seem to come loose at the worst possible moment. Furthermore, if you want some support going up and over uneven ground or enjoy a nice walk on a country trail these are just what the doctor ordered. It has been medically proven that walking over uneven ground with the aid of a staff allows you to go further before fatigue (or an injury) slows you down. Anyone who has knee/ankle issues will appreciate the support these beautifully crafted and extremely rigid Stalking Staffs will provide.

Our new take-down stalking sticks take the innovative features, attention to detail and custom craftsmanship that have made our African Shooting Sticks such a perennial favorite, to a whole new level. For example, the exposed part of the antler top is capped with the same species of wood as the shafts and secured with a small sandblasted cap that matches the connectors. The lanyard is adorned with a fallow deer tine that comes from the same antler the fallow deer shooting rest comes from. The hole that is drilled into the antler to secure it to the top of the staff is filled and expertly matched to the surrounding area so you can not even see it. There are many other details that will become evident as soon as you hold your own set but we have tried to make them something you will cherish and that you can pass onto a younger generation of hunters one day. If for some reason they do not meet your expectations, you can always send them back for a full refund.

Platinum Grade utilizes Black Walnut or African mahogany shafts and the bottom section or burr from the base of Fallow Deer Antler. The overall length of this model is determined by your specific height and whether or not you shoot a scoped or open sighted rifle. The bottom of this piece features a one piece pointed aluminum cap.
Gold Grade utilizes Black Walnut or African mahogany shafts and a middle section of Fallow Deer Antler. The overall length of this model is determined by your specific height and whether or not you shoot a scoped or open sighted rifle. The bottom of this piece features a one piece pointed aluminum cap.
Silver Grade utilizes Hickory shafts and a middle section of Fallow Deer Antler. The overall length of this model is 60 plus or minus 1. This length works with shooters who are between 5 10 and 6 2 tall who shoot a scoped rifle. The bottom of this piece features a simple 1 aluminum cap and a stainless steel tip to secure it into the ground.

Each of the three wood species we offer has a unique appeal.

Hickory is 2-3 times stronger and more rigid than other domestic hardwoods which make it a good choice for this application. It is commonly available but also weighs more than the others. We rub a medium brown stain on this blonde wood to make sure it blends in with your surroundings. This staff will weigh approximately three pounds.

Black Walnut is a wood all of you are familiar with and one of the best know American Exotics. While not as sturdy as Hickory, the 1 diameter makes it plenty strong for this application and the rich brown coloration is striking. This staff will weigh approximately two pounds.
African mahogany is a stunning exotic wood that combines a beautiful reddish tone with a shimmering grain structure that is the best of both worlds: strong, light in weight and beautiful. This staff will weigh approximately two pounds.
The heart of all of our take-down models is our patent pending, two piece aluminum take-down connector designed by a specialty fittings engineer who has over twenty five years of experience. This connector features two points of contact for tremendous strength. Putting them together is fast and easy as they screw together by hand without any tools in just a few seconds.

Each connector is precision milled from a solid piece of high strength, light weight Aluminum bar stock and is then sand blasted to a non-reflective, matte finish. The seam between the connector pieces would almost be impossible to feel if we did not put a small micro-bevel on the two (otherwise sharp) edges that are exposed when the sticks are taken apart.

If you take your Stalking Staff apart you can use the top section alone for shots from the kneeling or sitting position. Each set comes with a pointed cap you can hand-screw onto the top half to keep threads free of dirt and debris when you use them in this manner.

The outside diameter of the connectors is the same as the wooden shafts to provide a uniform thickness from top to bottom. We turn the top, two middle sections and the bottom of the wood shafts down to a 3/4 diameter so they fit flush inside the connectors. We hand sand, finish and fit every wood shaft.

We offer three models to choose from. One is a standard sized version and the other two are custom sized to you based on your height and whether you will be shooting a scoped or open sighted rifle. This information is provided by you when you enter your order or you can give us those details over the phone. The Gold and Platinum versions come complete with a high quality, durable case that is designed to keep your shooting sticks from coming into contact with your rifle during air transportationThis case retails for just under $40 so it makes the Gold Grade a better value than the less expensive Silver Grade even before taking into account the fact that the later is custom fitted to your specific height and optics choice.

We hope you enjoy using our Stalking Staff as much as we enjoy making them. You can take these with you anywhere so you can practice with them before your trip and relive the excitement of the hunt long after you return.

Options Guide
Grade Available
Length Cut of Antler Antler Hole Filler Antler Cap Lanyard Top Section Bottoms Case Cost
Platinum Rhodesian Teak
Zebra Wood
African Mahoghany
Custom made to order Most desireable burr or bottom Custom mixed antler based blend for superior match Custom fitted exotic wood top with matching cap Braided Italian leather with antler button and line Includes point to protect threads when using from the kneeling position 1 piece Yes $399
Gold Walnut
Custom made to order Larger Main Beam Dyed filler Custom fitted oak top with matching cap Latigo Leather with antler button Includes point to protect threads when useing from kneeling position 1 piece Yes $299
Silver Hickory 60" +/- 1" Smaller Main Beam Dyed filler N/A Black Shock Cord N/A 2 piece N/A $249