Fitting footwear online is always a challenge.
If you want to increase the odds of getting a pair that fits you like a glove the first time, this program is for you! The Courteney Boot Company has recently expanded the size of their toe box on all their boot models, making them even more comfortable. In some cases, that means people who went up a half size to get more room in the toe box in the past find that is no longer necessary.

Here is how this new program works:
  • If you are a new Courteney customer, order your most common USA hunting boot (not shoe or sneaker) size.
  • If you are an existing Courteney customer, order the UK size stamped on the top right and left-hand corner of the logo patch that is above the heel.
  • We send you two pairs of boots; (1) the boot size that fits 80% of customers who are that size and (2) the next smaller size that fits the remaining 20%. We will also send two different thicknesses of SOLE insoles and Rohner Socks, so that you can try both in the two boot sizes to see which combination provides the most comfortable fit. Courteney boots are cut relatively flat, and we find that these indestructible insoles provide the additional comfort required to walk long distances. We send out the extra pair of boots and insoles on the honor system - you are only charged for one pair of boots and one pair of insoles. As such, while we are happy to answer questions over the phone, we will only accept orders for this program online so we can automatically track that they were returned.
  • While it is counterintuitive, we prefer to wear thick or medium socks with them as they keep moisture away from your foot better in hot climates. We will send you one pair of each thickness of Rohner socks along with a second set of spare Courteney Boot laces.
  • You are responsible for sending the extra pair of boots and insoles back after you make your selection and we request you do this within a week of receiving them. We expect this program will be very popular and it will not work if you delay getting the extra pairs back to us. We cannot accept reurns on socks.
  • Sold separately, the SOLE insoles ($65), two pairs of socks ($50), and extra set of laces ($10) are valued at $125 but when you select the SURE-FIT Package, we send it all to you for $99