Wilderness 1.75" Leather Rifle Sling

Wilderness 1.75" Leather Rifle Sling

Wilderness 1.75" Leather Rifle Sling

Price: $209.00

Hunting season can only mean one thing: the Karoo is calling. Els & Co. knows from experience how vital your rifle is during this hunting season and so they have made it their mission to make your hunting experience alot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Just as diverse as the Wilderness, one can't go wrong with the Wilderness Rifle Sling as the adjustable (33.5"-43.3") leather ties make it versatile to fit most rifles. Elegant and strong, a must for every rifle owner.

To ensure strength and quality, the sling is padded and lined with suede for a soft luxurious finish. We have taken extra care by backing the solid brass buckle with leather to protect your rifle from any scratches.

The leather thongs are easily slipped and securley knotted through the eyes of the stock and barrel for that elegant look. Versatile enough to fit most rifles, you can't go wrong with The Wilderness Rifle Sling.