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Hunting: First Aid/Blister Care/Bug Spray

Bug Out Mesh Clothing
Compression Socks

Picaridin Bug Spray and Permithren Clothing Treatment is similar to the system recently implemented with the US Military. Permethrin is a contact insecticide and kills ticks and other insects when it comes in contact with them. When applied to clothing Permethrin binds to the fabric eliminating the risk of over-exposure to the skin. For exposed areas where there is a large gap (hands, neck, etc.) you should use it in conjunction with a skin based repellent. Spray this on your safari clothing using the 24 oz. bottle and let it dry overnight and you are ready to go. Lasts through 3-6 launderings depending on how much is applied and the aggressiveness of the washing. Bug and Tick Spray/Lotions give you some relief from critters who love to eat American. We offer a Controlled Release DEET Insect Repellent lotion that has a 12 hour effective period and is the only registered formula proven to reduce DEET absorption by 67% on the market. We sell Controlled Release lotion kits with one 6 oz. bottle you can leave in camp and two smaller 2 oz. bottles to throw in your pack. In the event that you are nipped, we also offer two different AfterBite kits that will help suppress the itch that usually follows.

Blister Care provides you with all the right items to minimize the impact blisters will have on your safari. One of our clients spent half his safari and several thousand dollars flying into town getting an infected blister cared for, something that could have been prevented had he brought along a good first aid kit and blister care products. We send you three different kits; a Blister Medic, pre-cut Moleskin and Blist-O-Ban self adhesive band aids (show pictures of all three) for the price shown below.

First Aid Kits should be an essential part of your gear, especially in Africa where yours may be the only sterile materials for hundreds of miles. Do not rely on your PH to have a complete kit with all the essentials, we strongly suggest you bring your own. Our kits are from Adventure Medical who is dedicated to bringing you the most innovative products which keep you safe in the outdoors. They rely on the expertise of world authorities in wilderness medicine and survival techniques to develop and refine their products year after year. Selecting the right outdoor First Aid Kit-products that have been tested to withstand the elements and that are intuitively designed so that they can be used easily by the layperson-can make all the difference when it matters most.

Bug-Out Mesh Clothing Bug-Out is fine mesh clothing that even keeps no-see-ums out. Maximize the protection of the head net by wearing it with a hat to keep bugs away from your skin.

Wiley X Sunglasses makes no compromise sunglasses that offer the best styling and protection available. If you have not heard of them, ask one of the veterans who just returned from Iraq or Afghanistan about them. The testimonials from military personnel on their website speak volumes about the tremendous protection they offer. Not that I am proud of this, but my set of Wiley X Squeeze’s have been sat on numerous times by yours truly with no ill effect. While I am not sure how many pounds of force that generates, my friends tell me it is way into four figures. We offer four different models:

  • Two with a removable facial cavity that protects your eyes from wind and debris without fogging-perfect for when you are in the back of the second vehicle on a dusty African road or hunting in the desert. Our top of the line offering also offers light adjusting lenses.
  • A stylish tactical model preferred by Navy Seals that exceeds Military specifications for ballistic impact protection.
  • A polarized model for fishing

Whatever the application, they have the protection for your eyes that you can count on.

The TurtleSkin snake gaiters are the finest products in snake gaiter market. Their protective materials are engineered to offer the highest performance and puncture protection in a soft, flexible, waterproof garment that weighs 1/3 less than other systems. Unlike other types that feel as if you are wearing a section of stove pipe, these wear like a new pair of jeans. TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters prevent snake bites and protect you from thorns, briars and cactus and repel even the bites of large rattlesnakes and are certified for all venomous snakes found in South Africa. Courteney & TX Hunt Gaiters have been tested by Craig Boddington and Ivan Carter in the area around the Zambezi River of Zimbabwe for several seasons and have not missed a beat. Both our Courteney and TX Hunt Co. gaiters are extremely well designed and use the best materials available for all day comfort and protection.

Hunting & Compression Socks promote blood flow and improve circulation. A must for those long overseas flights!

While we have access to the entire line of the featured manufactures, in order to avoid complicating the selection process we typically select only the best sellers. If you want something else not shown, call us and we will be more than happy to order it for you. All of these exceptional items are designed to help you have a comfortable and successful adventure whether in Africa or a bit closer to home.