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African Sporting Creations
1421 Lexington Avenue, Suite 257
Mansfield, OH  44907

(419) 529-5599

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Domestic Wood Shooting Sticks

Since our inception, we have received thousands of requests to offer a more affordable version of our African Shooting Sticks that feature our incredibly strong two-piece aluminum take-down connector.  The problem was volume. When we started out over 10 years ago we were ordering components in less than 100 piece quantities.  Our connectors cost so much to produce in small quantities we could not offer a lower price.  Our solution was to offer an off-the-shelf friction fit copper connector but it was not as bullet-proof as our aluminum model.

Today we are ordering our incredibly strong, two-piece aluminum take-down connector by the thousands.  As a result, we are pleased to offer you a more affordable way to own a set of our African Shooting Sticks.

You Set the Options

Our new A la Carte ordering allows you to build your own set of domestic wood shooting sticks. With our Hickory sticks below, you can select one or all of the available options. You control how much you spend.  If you want to get a basic set with Red Oak shafts, sand-blasted aluminum connectors that are silver in color and machine sewn tops without a case, they cost $199.  If you want the more rigid Hickory Shafts, a heavy-duty canvas carrying case, black matte annodized connectors, and hand-sewn circular tops - you can get all that for just $229. If you choose the Hickory Shafts, you'll have the opportunity to add individual options or if you select all the options for your Hickory Sticks you'll save $20.

Are you taller than 6' 4" ? You have the option of upgrading to the XL Model for and additional $20 when you choose the "fully loaded" sticks.

Domestic Wood Shafts

Both our Red Oak and Hickory sticks are sprayed a medium brown polyurethane stain to make sure it blends in with your surroundings. The sticks measure 70” when assembled and the top and bottom sections are 36” when taken apart so they will fit in any full-length, airline approved gun case with room to spare. Because we kiln dry the shafts to remove moisture and make them extra stiff-they weigh less than 2.5 pounds or about half what the most popular all aluminum brand weighs.
Red Oak Shooting Sticks        $199

Red Oak is the most popular flooring species in the country and readily available.  While not nearly as rigid as hickory, it is a nice looking wood that will provide good service.

To protect the checkering on your fine rifle, machine sewn tops are included.
ConnectorsSand-blasted aluminum connectors that are silver in color are included. Bottoms
The pencil sharpened bottoms are quiet and will securely post in a variety of terrain from sandy to rocky.
Hickory Shooting Sticks       Starting at $199
Order NowHickory is the most rigid domestic wood available and is a great choice for this application.  This is the same species they make axe handles out of so you know it is extremely tough.  We spray a medium brown polyurethane stain on this blonde colored wood to make sure it blends in with your surroundings.  Hickory costs you a bit more as it is more difficult to turn and not as readily available as Oak but it is worth every penny. 
To protect the checkering on your fine rifle, choose from machine sewn tops (left) or the extra-soft, hand-sewn, circular leather tops (right; add. $10) that will not snag on brush.
Choose sand-blasted aluminum (left) or our anodized, non-reflective black matte (right | add. $20).
The pencil sharpened bottoms are quiet and will securely post in a variety of terrain from sandy to rocky.
Carrying Case
A heavy-duty canvas carrying case to prevent damage to your rifle during air transportation. (add. $20)

Using Your Shooting Sticks

Your African Shooting Sticks are very simple to use. First, grasp the two legs that have the black bumpers on them and post the shorter leg (the one without the tops used for padding) out front, in line with where you want to point the rifle. Once you plant the front leg, pull back evenly on the other two legs to form the “V” for your rifle’s fore end.  Once you familiarize yourself with them, set-up takes just seconds and they expand your effective range considerably. More detailed instructions, accompany each set. You can also learn more about our shooting sticks on our FAQ's page.

We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy putting them in your hands!

Money Back Warranty

Like every other set of shooting sticks we offer, these are covered by our unconditional lifetime warranty and built by hand, one at a time, in Ohio.