Suede Leather Bridge Top

Suede Leather Bridge Top

Suede Leather Bridge Top

Price: $49.00

This thick, one-piece, suede leather bridge top does what ordinary two-piece circular tops cannot; they lock in your rifles’ fore end. It was specifically designed for the wide fore ends found on double rifles and big bore bolt actions, but it works just as well on smaller fore ends.

They are meant to replace, not slide on over your existing African Sporting Creations two-piece tops. If you are retrofitting an existing set with this new model, removing the old ones might take some effort as they are sized very tightly. Be sure to spread the sticks out far enough so the tops are not being pinched by the wooden “V” and then “unscrew” them. If you do not plan on using the two-piece tops again, you can also carefully cut the stitching and dispose of them.

When you fold the sticks up to walk with them, the leather bridge top is held in place by the scissoring action of the two short wood portions at the top.

While these are great in the field, you will also find that they help you sight in a rifle much faster and shooting upright off sticks allows you to roll with the recoil instead of being pounded sitting behind a bench