Sporting Wood Creations, Exotic African Hunting Accessories
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African Sporting Creations
1421 Lexington Avenue, Suite 257
Mansfield, OH  44907

(419) 529-5599

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Read Shooting Stick FAQ's

Exotic Wood Shooting Sticks

This take-down version of our African Shooting Sticks is designed to fit into any airline approved gun case. Now you can use the same set of sticks to hunt kudu in the summer, whitetails in the fall and turkeys from a blind in the spring.

Easy to Use & Effective

There is a reason why every African PH brings a set of these along for the client; because they are so easy to use and effective. We have improved upon the very basic "3 sticks bound together with inner tube" with our custom made versions that combine the finest raw materials available with unmatched craftsmanship. If you are unfamiliar with African Shooting Sticks or want to understand how to use them and what makes them superior to the other offerings on the market click on our Shooting Stick FAQ's link to get the straight scoop.

Read more about the African Shooting Sticks that Gray's Best chose for 2009Several years ago we began experimenting with a connector we could use to make take-down shooting sticks. We developed dozens of take-down connector prototypes over the years but for one reason or another they did not meet our criteria; we wanted them to have a very strong, positive locking system and be very easy to put together/take apart with your bare hands. Most importantly, we wanted the addition of the connector to increase the rigidity and strength of the shafts.

Well, the wait is finally over! These are the most rigid, quiet and functional African Shooting Sticks on the market. Our customers tell us they like the rigidity of them which allows them to lean into the shot, how the noise suppression bumpers eliminate the "dinner bell" noise made by the legs of all-aluminum models clanking together and how the points on the bottoms anchor them securely in place.

Our Secret

The heart of our new model is a patent pending, two piece aluminum take-down connector designed by a specialty fittings engineer that has three points of contact for tremendous strength. (See photo below) Putting them together is fast and easy; they screw together by hand and assembly takes just a few minutes. As an added feature, the connector incorporates a rubber gasket that compresses with the last turn to prevent them from vibrating loose when traveling cross country in a safari vehicle.
Each connector is precision milled from a solid piece of high strength, light weight Aluminum bar stock and is then sand blasted to a non-reflective, matte finish. Since almost all of our Platinum Grades are ordered with a person's name engraved into the connectors, we hard anodize them in matte black so the engraving really pops.The seam between the connector pieces would almost be impossible to feel if we did not put a small micro-bevel on the two (otherwise sharp) edges that are exposed when the sticks are taken apart.
Exotic Wood Shooting Sticks  

Platinum Grade    ($349)

+ Choose from 3 types of Exotic Wood Shafts
+ Leather AND Zebra or Cape Buffalo Tops
+ Anodized Black Connectors
+ Carrying Case

Gold Grade   ($299)

+ Jatoba (Brazillian Cherry) Shafts
+ Leather Tops
+ Painted Connectors
+ Carrying Case
Order Platinum Model Ordr Gold Grade
Extra-soft, hand-sewn, circular leather tops protect the checkering on your fine rifle.
Upgraded Tops
When you choose Platinum Grade, you'll get the leather tops PLUS your choice of Zebra or Cape Buffalo.
Anodized, non-reflective black matte connectors are standard on the Platinum Grade. Connectors are painted black on the Gold model.
The pencil sharpened bottoms are quiet and will securely post in a variety of terrain from sandy to rocky.
Engrave them for an additional $49.  This is a great option when giving them as a gift.
Carrying Case
Both grades come complete with a high quality, heavy duty case that keeps your shooting sticks from coming into contact with your rifle during air transportation.
Rigid, Kiln-Dried Shafts: Exotic Wood Options
African Schedua
is a beautiful tan/brown wood with fine black striping.It is very hard rigid wood that takes a glass like finish. Think ofa much harder, lighter walnut.[Platinum Grade]
Leopardwood has a very interesting grain structure that lends it a spotted pattern. Color range can vary from pale to medium brown. This South American, hard wood takes a lustrous finish. [Platinum Grade]
Jatoba (Brazillian Cherry) is hard, heavy and tough. It is also one of the more commonly available exotic woods and the color range runs from Russett to reddish brown, often with some striping or streaking. Finished with clear poly. [Platinum & Gold Grades]
Order Platinum Model Ordr Gold Grade

Attention to Detail

Shoot from the Standing
or Kneeling Position

Unscrew them and you can use the top section alone for shots from the kneeling or sitting position by posting the pointed ends of the "male" connector in the ground. The versatility we build into our shooting sticks provides you with two complete sets you can hunt with year-round.
The outside diameter of the connectors is the same as the domestic and exotic hardwood shafts to provide a uniform thickness from top to bottom. We hand sand every shaft and then hand rub two coats of satin gloss marine quality polyurethane to them to protect them from the elements. We turn the last 4 inches of the wooden shafts down to a " so they fit inside the connectors. The Gold Grade has the connectors compressed onto the shafts while Platinum Grade connectors receive special treatment. We pin the top portion using bamboo, just like they pin the handle of a samurai sword to the tang, and secure the bottom portion with a concealed screw.

Designed for Protection

All our African Shooting Sticks come with padded tops. The leather tops make sure you do not have any fish and game related inspection delays while traveling internationally. Zebra skin or Cape buffalo tops are available on the Platinum version. Many of you told us how you scratched up your very expensive rifles' fore end using the unpadded, coarse sticks provided by your African outfitter so this is a very important issue to consider. Our zebra skin and Cape buffalo tops take you back to the Dark Continent regardless of what you are after and protect the fore-end of your rifle from unnecessary "beauty marks".

Custom Built to Size

Due to the large number of special orders we have received for different lengths, we are pleased to announce that you can now order our Platinum & Gold Sticks in five different lengths so anyone can now find a set that fits them perfectly. Please refer to the chart below to determine what size you need to order.

Money Back Warranty

Like every other set of shooting sticks we offer, these are covered by our unconditional lifetime warranty and built by hand, one at a time, in Ohio.
Platinum & Gold Sizing Chart
Your Height
O/A Length when unopened*
6' 4" +
5' 9"- 6' 3"
5' 2"- 5' 8"
Youth Med
4' 7"-5' 1"
Youth Small
4' - 4' 6"
* Longest piece is still only 40" when taken
apart for XL size and 37" for all others

Using Your Sticks

Your African Shooting Sticks are very simple to use. First, grasp the two legs that have the black bumpers on them and post the shorter leg (the one without the padded top) out front, in line with where you want to point the rifle. Once you plant the front leg, pull back evenly on the other two legs to form the "V" for your rifle's fore end. Once you familiarize yourself with them, set-up takes just seconds and they expand your effective range considerably. More detailed instructions accompany each set.

We spared no expense in developing our new take-down African Shooting Sticks. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them. If you are planning a trip to the Dark Continent, get a set of these so you can practice with them before your trip and relive the excitement of the hunt long after you return home.

In addition to our tri-pod versions, we offer a bi-pod and monopod (hunter staff) version.