Cape Buffalo Belt Slides

Cape Buffalo Belt Slides

Cape Buffalo Belt Slides

Price: $119.00

The bases on these slides are thick bull hide accented with brown Cape buffalo hide bullet loops sourced from The Courteney® Boot Company. The top of the case head extends above the slide so you can get a good grip on your ammo to facilitate fast reloads and the bullet loops are designed to allow water to drain quickly.

They are available in three sizes
• African Large (AL) which hold 6 rounds in a 2x2 format (.416 Rigby - 500 NE and short/Ultra magnums)
• Large Magnum (LM) which holds 8 rounds (7MM Rem Mag, .416 Rem Mag .458 Lott)
• (GI) which holds 10 rounds (.308 & 30-06 family of calibers).

All measure 8 1/2” long and 3 ¼”” tall and have a full-length belt loop designed to fit on our 2” Safari Belts .

As is our standard practice, we over-built these pieces using rivets in critical areas and intentionally avoided using any elastic to ensure they will last a lifetime. While their heavy-duty construction will make them stiff at first, just like a good pair of boots, they will mold to fit the contours of your body in a relatively short period of time.

While you can switch similar diameter rounds in and out of individual slides, they are not universal. Once you dedicate a slide to African Large, Large Magnum or .308/30-06 rounds you need to feed it similar sized rounds to ensure they are held securely.