Leather Garand Style Safari Belt

Leather Garand Style Safari Belt

Leather Garand Style Safari Belt

Price: $199.00

These 2” belts are made from thick bull hide leather and are designed to be worn over an existing belt. These one-size-fits-all belts have 7” of adjustment on the front buckle and another 7” of travel from the brass M1 Garand sling hook/Velcro on the back. While the M1 Garand hook is enough to keep the back section secure, we added a strip of Velcro on the back as a fail-safe, just in case.

The wide range of adjustment this belt offers makes it easy to wear over a jacket in the morning when it is cool and over a shirt in the afternoon as temperatures start to climb. Load them up with an Arno Bernard knife, our new canteen holder, ammo pouches and whatever else you want to carry in the field.

They wear small on account of their thickness so if you are wearing them over an existing belt they will fit those whose dress belts measure 34”-48” from the hole they use to the end of the buckle. If you do not plan on wearing them over an existing belt, they have a range of 36"-46".

Tumbled, solid brass hardware to minimize reflection will make sure this belt lasts a lifetime.