Cape Buffalo Culling Belt

Cape Buffalo Culling Belt

Cape Buffalo Culling Belt

Price: from $299.00

This rugged belt features Cape buffalo hide bullet loops specially designed to facilitate the removal of big bore rounds, thick bull hide leather and heavy-duty hardware. The cartridge rims sit above the top of the belt so you can get a good grip on them, and the two bullet loop sections are divided in the middle to separate softs from solids. Bottom openings allow rain water to drain out.

These belts are designed to be worn over a standard belt, and fit smaller due to the thickness of the leather. If in doubt or between sizes, we recommend that you choose the next larger size. To ensure the buckle does not gouge your fine firearm, cinch the belt tightly in front and then slide the buckle around to the back so that the cartridges are in front.

* Large African: Fits .416 Rigby-.500 NE and holds 4 rounds per side for a total of 8.
* Belted Magnum: Fits 7MM Remington Magnum-.458 Winchester Magnum and holds 5 rounds per side for a total of 10.

Sizing is Easy:
Measure your existing dress belt from the hole you use to the end of the buckle and add 4” and order the size that covers that range. For example, if you wear a 40” dress belt, you would add 4” to compensate for the thickness of this belt/wearing it over a dress belt and order a Medium. That would most likely place you in the middle, 44” hole.

Available in Small (34-38”), Medium (42-46”) and Large (46-50”)

Monogramming Available!
You can choose up to 3 letters to have branded on a raised monogram patch to make this item even more special. We use an electric brander to brand the material.
Please note, monogrammed products cannot be returned.