Copper Snack Tray

Copper Snack Tray

Copper Snack Tray

Price: $299.00

These are custom made for us out of solid copper and are unlike any you will find anywhere else. The rimmed snack tray measures 12” across and you can put items right on it or use it to hold bowls of your favorite snacks.

The snack tray fits on a skeletonized copper frame that keeps the top open at the perfect size so it can be put on and taken off to be refreshed easily. The four legs that support it are made from 30” hickory shooting stick shafts that are stained black for a stunning contrast. The bottoms of the legs are pencil sharpened and the tops are evenly tapered so the skeletonized frame sits level and cannot slide down too far. If you set this up on uneven ground or one of the legs is "short" and thereby making the piece rock, simply push down on the offending leg until it makes contact with the ground and it will then stay that way. A heavy-duty canvas case is provided to store the set of legs.

Set includes:
- Skeletonized Frame
- Snack Tray
- One Set of Legs
- Heavy-Duty Canvas Carrying Case for the legs