Double Rifle Case

Double Rifle Case

Double Rifle Case

Price: from $549.00

Unexpected supplier issues have made getting more of our Exotic Leather Rifle Cases problematic. We are hoping that more arrive before the 2024 Holiday Season. All models are on backorder until further notice but if you wish to place a preorder, we are happy to accept them.

Our Double Rifle Case has a circular cup sewn in the tip to prevent all types of side-by-sides from twisting in the case and is wide enough to accommodate 12 gauge S x S shotguns. Available in three different African hide choices, and combined with wrap-around handles, a full suede lining, high-density padding, protective stock flaps and a heavy-duty YKK zipper, this is a double rifle case like no other. Fit firearms up to 42.5" or most double rifles/drillings, and S x S shotguns with barrels up to 26" long.

Cape Buffalo/Zebra-$649
Cape Buffalo-$549
*Please note, at this time elephant is not an option.

Monogram up to three initials on the contrasting calf leather patch - $15.

Please check your state, county and local laws before ordering this product to make sure it is legal for you to purchase. Elephant hair and hide is illegal to ship to residents of NY, NJ, CA, HI, IL, WA, OR, NV, VT, MA, RI, DE and ME. Zebra hide is illegal to ship to resident of CA.